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Welcome to the 'Fun!' area of the Christopher Marlowe page. This is a direct result of too much Dr. Pepper and enjoying 'Matt Lauer HaHa' fun time. Take a look at the 'rare' interview and enjoy, ladies and gents!


Marlowe's Musicial Jazz

You know what musician right now that has a commonality with Christopher Marlowe? The sorta ridiculous answer in a New York Minute.


Rare Matt Lauer Interview with Christopher Marlowe

Recently resurrected from death via new research methodology in China, the playright/poet Christopher Marlowe was recessitated in 2008, and for the last year has been rehabilitating and enjoying the private life in the U.S. of A. Now, in this exclusive candid interview with Marlowe, Matt Lauer delves in deep with Marlowe to uncover his secrets! (Transcribed: 27 October 2009)