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The man. The myth. The legend. The poet. The playwright. The Dude.

See that very unnoticeable picture behind the title up there in the header? And see how it is also the very pretty picture right above this text? Yep, for all intents and purposes, that’s Christopher Marlowe. That portait was found at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1953.But the rub is, that may or may not be Christopher (“Kit”) Marlowe. Widely believed to be, yes, but completely unverified. Similar to this unsigned, anonymous portrait, much of Marlowe’s life remains shrouded in murky details, guess work, and intrigue. Basically, his childhood up until college is unknown (similar to the absence of any record of Jesus’ whereabouts before his Big Reveal), and the dates attributed to many of his works are uncertain. That just sounds darn tootin’ excitin’, don’t it?

Be mindful - this IS NOT a Wiki site where there will be information galore and massive amounts of philosophical insights. For a complete and thorough biography of the man, I implore you to check out the books that are avaliable on the guy right now. Granted, a majority of the information may be nothing more than guess-work on the authors part, seeing as how info on the guy is limited, but it's extremely scholarly.


*Note: I am by no means a professional scholar dude who knows everything there is to know about our dear friend Christopher Marlowe, I'm just a lad with a odd fixation on him and chose to make a website around him. Nothin' creepy or wrong-ish about that. Cheers.

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